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A Crusty Heart

“At all times God caresses the hearts of all the people with His love, but we are not aware of it because our hearts have gathered a crust. When man has cleansed his heart, he is deeply moved and madly excited, because he can then see the benefactions, the blessings of God, Who loves all people in the same way. For those who are suffering, God is pained; for those who are living a spiritual life, He rejoices.”


“…there are certain people who do not care if they disturb others; they only care about not being disturbed themselves. Then there are others who do not want to disturb, nor do they want to be disturbed. Still others say, “I am so sensitive; I cannot bear even one word said against me,” but they will not hesitate to say many words against others. What kind of sensitivity is that?”

Seeds of Salvation

“Wealth can be very destructive for man when it is not distributed to the poor for the benefit of our soul and for the souls of our departed. Giving alms to people who are suffering, widows, orphans and so on, is also very helpful for the repose of the souls of those who have passed away. For when we give alms on behalf of someone who has died, the recipients will say, ‘May God forgive him; may his relics be sanctified.'”

Passing to Heaven

“The Good Lord created angels but some of  them became demons due to their pride.  Then, God made man to complete the ranks of the fallen angels, and left the demons free, to a certain extent and for a certain time, to help us through their wickedness. In other words, we take examinations here on earth and pass into the eternal life of Paradise. As long as you are alive, you have the right to take spiritual examinations. There are no reexaminations. Let us, therefore, struggle to get at least the spiritual pass mark and enter Paradise.  Amen.”

Sacrifice and Love

“In order to love God, you should start with sacrifice. When a person does not take himself into account and sacrifices himself instead, then things are in order: he loves his neighbor – he loves God. Those who claim to love God but fail to make a single sacrifice for their neighbor have ‘loved Him with their mouths and they lied unto Him with their tongues’.”

Gentle Discipline

“They should speak kindly to their child, raise his awareness in order to help him. Let’s say a child comes home late at night; his mother should approach him and say, ‘Look here, my child, if you were in my place and your children stayed out late at night, wouldn’t you be very worried?’”

True Humility

“…when one thinks of the many blessings of God and sees that he does not respond to them accordingly, he feels guiltier and worse than everyone else; worse than all the animals, even worse than the devil. He thinks to himself, “The devil sinned once with his mind, but I sin every day with both my mind and my senses. Therefore, I am worse than the devil himself.”

The Father’s Wisdom

“God knows what will benefit each person and He provides accordingly. He won’t give something which will not be of benefit to the person. For example, He sees that it will benefit us more if He gives us a weakness or a disability than if He protects us from being harmed or disabled.”