Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Orthodox Spirit

“When I say someone has caught the Eastern spirit and abandoned the European, I mean that he has left behind logic, rationalism and has instead taking hold of simplicity and piety because that is the Orthodox spirit within which Christ rests, simplicity and piety. Today even spiritual people are often lacking in simplicity, the sacred simplicity that comforts the soul.”
Worldview; Modernism

Thoughts of Paradise

“Through sin man himself turns the earthly paradise into an earthly hell. If his soul is polluted with mortal sins he lives in a demonic state: he is fiercely defensive, is tormented, finds no peace. On the contrary whoever is close to God, whoever keeps his mind on higher things, on things above and always maintains good and positive thoughts in his mind will remain peaceful and live in paradise while on earth.”
Holy Life; Good Thoughts