Monthly Archives: January 2017

Supreme Sadness

“After all that God has done for us human beings, it will be a very grave matter if we should go to hell and grieve Him. May God so protect that not one creature, not even a bird, should go to hell.”

Love of God; Hell

All are Needed

“Everyone is necessary in the Church. Everyone offers his services to Her, no matter what his character is, mild or strict. The Body of the Church is like the human body. Just as we need both sweet and sour foods, even bitter herbs, because each food has something to contribute…”

Body of Christ; Spiritual Gifts

Weak Faith

“God’s help cannot be obstructed by men or demons. Nothing is difficult for God, nor for a  saint. The obstacle for us men is our little faith, by which we prevent the great divine powers from approaching us. ”

Faith; Doubt

Love of Money

“There is no more foolish person than the greedy one, who constantly amasses money and lives in deprivation, only to finally buy his way into hell with his hoarded money. He has lost it all because he doesn’t give, and loses himself with material things, and then he loses Jesus Christ.”

Greed; Materialism


“A lot of people today are tormented because they don’t love what they are doing for a living. They can’t wait until it’s time to go. However when one has zeal for work and when one cares about the things he makes, the more he works the more his zeal grows. He is immersed in his work and when it’s time to leave he asks, ‘Where did the time go?'”

Vocation; Peace

Being Reborn

“Repentance is a baptism of tears. Through repentance man is rebaptized, reborn. Through his denial the Apostle Peter betrayed Christ in a way but because he wept bitterly he received forgiveness for his fall. In other words his sincere repentance washed him clean again…”


Christ’s Sacrifice

“If Christ had the worldly logic that many spiritual people have today He would not have left His throne Heaven to descend to earth, to suffer and be crucified for us miserable human beings. But hidden within his apparently human failure… is this salvation of us all. And what he endured to bring about our salvation!”

Sacrifice; Love of Christ