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“Someone should give as much as will not trouble his conscience. Discernment is important. He should not give one hundred and then be sorry that he did not give fifty. Much attention is needed when someone has love with a lot of enthusiasm. It is then good to be a little conservative with his love and enthusiasm, so that he will not regret having given too much to an unfortunate person, when less could have been given, and thus be left empty- handed himself. Gradually he can acquire experience and give according to the self-renunciation he has.”

Prudence; Generosity

Personal Effort

“”Pray for me to pass my exams.” They do not study hard, yet think, “God will help me.” “You must study and pray too,” I advise them. “Both are necessary.” “Why,” they answer, “can’t God help me?” They expect God to bless their laziness. That’s not possible.”

Laziness;  Work


“The world is on fire! Do you understand? There is so much temptation. The devil has started such a blaze that all the fire-fighters in the world will not be able to put it out: it is a spiritual fire! There’s nothing left. And there’s no other help for us: only prayer can save us now. We must pray to God to take pity on us.”

Prayer; Temptation

Hidden Motives

“When someone applies himself to external activity before having polished his spiritual inner state, he may struggle spiritually, but he will be fraught with worry, anxiety, lack of confidence in God and frequent loss of serenity. If he does not improve himself, he cannot say that his interest for the common good is pure.”