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Living in a Noble Way

“Move about humbly, with pure philotimo [Christ-like outlook]  and always sacrifice yourself. Cultivate spiritual sensitivity. Calmly accept being disturbed by others and be glad that it is you who is being disturbed and not you disturbing others….Polished sensitivity has nobility of spirit.”

Two Paths

“If we were to say, “The world is coming to an end,” one who does not believe will become even more brazen, and fling himself into evil, into sin. But one who does believe will put the brakes on, and say ‘Why should I waste myself away on things that are already lost? I should look after my soul and live spiritually and do some acts of mercy.’”


“Those who, by the Grace of God, managed to understand the vanity of this life, have obtained the greatest gift. It is not necessary for them to have the gift of insight to foresee the future, for it is enough to prepare for the salvation of their soul and take better spiritual measures to be saved.”

The Orthodox Way

“Our goal is to live in an Orthodox way, not simply to speak or to write in an Orthodox way. This is why, you see, a sermon does not inform, does not change the life of a person, no matter how good it is, unless the preacher is actually living the faith… It is relatively easy to think in an Orthodox way; to live the Orthodox way of life requires effort.”


Charity to All Living Things

“If your neighbor is hungry, give him your food. If  there aren’t any hungry people, give it to hungry animals, because you will derive benefit from fasting for Paradise, whereas the poor animals don’t have Paradise. On the other hand, the good thing for them is that they don’t have Hell either.”

Evil Thoughts

“Experience is required through the fire of demons, which the soldier of Christ comes under during the spiritual battle. Before the enemy begins the battle, it starts the bombardment with thoughts. The Jesus Prayer is the heaviest weapon against the thoughts of the enemy.”

For Eternity

“The most important thing is to seek the Kingdom of Heaven. This should be our first and main concern. The rest will be provided for us.  If we forget this, then our time here on earth and our lives will be wasted. But if we remain alert and prepare for the next life, then our lives here on earth will have meaning. When we think about the life to come, things begin to look different.”

Salvation; Struggle

Reading and the Mind

“When we read a short but powerful chapter from the Gospel or a passage from the Gerontikon [lives of saints],  our minds are transported to the spiritual realm and do not leave. You see, the mind is like a lively child, running about in constant play. Entice it with spiritual candy, and it will not run away anymore.”
(Elder St. Paisios in ‘With Pain and Love’)


Our Only Goal

“One who is heedful and takes the salvation of his soul seriously, struggles, progresses, bears fruit, is nourished spiritually and rejoices angelically.”
(Elder St. Paisios in ‘Spiritual Awakening’)

Salvation; Repentance