Monthly Archives: May 2017

How to Make the Heart Love

“In my opinion, this can happen in three ways: One feels a tremendous gratitude for God’s blessings such that he melts away and glorifies God. Or, one feels the weight of his sins and pleads, in pain, for forgiveness from God. The third way is for one to put himself in the position of another person who is undergoing hardships and feel physically pained for him.”

A Life of Patience

“Do you know how hard life is for honest people? They run into all kinds of difficulties and have to take all kinds of abuse from their employers. Life becomes hell for them. But what are they supposed to do? Quit? They have a family to feed. Should they stay? They’ll run into more trouble. Should they obey their conscience or their boss? They are between a rock and a hard place. They can’t stand it. But they remain patient and try to manage as best they can.”