Monthly Archives: June 2017

Love of Everything

“When one gives his heart to God, he loves everything; he not only loves all people, he also loves the birds, the trees, even the snakes. He reveres with devotion only God and the saints, but also all human beings, images of God. Since he considers all of creation to a blessing from his Creator.”

No Worries

“So don’t worry, God is above everything and everyone, governing all things, and will call on each of us to account for our actions, and we will each receive our just reward. Those who aided others will be rewarded and those who caused harm will be punished. Ultimately, God will order things aright, but each one of us will have to account for what we did during these difficult years, with our prayers and kindnesses.”

Divine Consolation

“Do you want your prayer to become a prayer of the heart, so it is welcome by God?  Then, make the pain of your fellowmen your own. Even just a sigh from the heart on behalf of your neighbor will have positive results. The divine information on your welcome prayer is the divine consolation you feel after praying.”

God’s Providence

“When a person remains pure from mortal sins he must be grateful to the benevolent God Who has protected him since childhood so that the garment of his soul  not been sullied. Take yourself for instance…if Christ had not protected you like a chick beneath His wings ever since you were a little girl, you might have become the greatest sinner in the world.”


“We should not be anxious in this life about the wrong done to us by other people or the demons, for neither does it trouble God, since He writes them down and keeps them with interest in His heavenly savings bank.”

Peace Through Tears

“…shed tears of joy and gratitude before Him. Those tears have the same power – perhaps even greater – as tears of repentance, and can raise one to Heaven, where he reaches God and praises Him endlessly, like the Angels. And although he lives on earth, it is as if he is in Heaven. Then, all of one’s life becomes a doxology; he even awaits death with a doxology, because he contemplates that he will be near God…”


“…if God overlooked all these things and accepted us into Paradise as we are, we would create problems there, as well. For this reason, temptations are allowed in this life so as to clean us up, purify our soul with sorrow and weeping, and oblige us to take refuge in God in order to find our salvation.”