Monthly Archives: July 2017

Battling Satan

“People who struggle spiritually are fighting against the devil the enemy, and so it is only natural that they will be fought against by him, too. Those who defeat the noetic enemy will be crowned by Christ.”

Pray Without Ceasing

“By keeping your mind constantly on God, by thinking of God; invoke the Jesus Prayer; speak with God. When a person practices this, he will, at first, sense a little bit of the love of God; later, as he advances, he will feel it all the more.”

Unbaptized Infants

“She wasn’t responsible for the miscarriage, so she must have confidence in the mercy of God. God maintains the records for these children… It would be a serious sin of omission if she didn’t have her child baptized out of neglect and indifference and he died unbaptized. You dealt with the matter rationally. This is the theology.”

God’s Love for the Lost

The judgments of God are an inscrutable abyss. One thing I know: those who live a worldly life because they were not helped and went astray, or were forcibly pushed into evil ways when in fact they had a good disposition, such people move God to action and God will help them.”

Joy from Criticism

“We should owe more gratefulness to those who have treated us ungratefully  than to those who are constantly grateful to us and pay us back in this vain life. Likewise, the greatest blessing of all is when they unjustly curse us and we accept it silently and with kindness.”