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Battling Satan

“People who struggle spiritually are fighting against the devil the enemy, and so it is only natural that they will be fought against by him, too. Those who defeat the noetic enemy will be crowned by Christ.”

Divine Consolation

“Do you want your prayer to become a prayer of the heart, so it is welcome by God?  Then, make the pain of your fellowmen your own. Even just a sigh from the heart on behalf of your neighbor will have positive results. The divine information on your welcome prayer is the divine consolation you feel after praying.”

Double Evil

“When a wicked thought conspires to act with the old self, it does double damage to the soul, in  the same way as when the devil conspires to act with people, he does double damage to the world.”


“Sweet life is not experienced by those who enjoy it in a worldly way, but rather by those who live spiritually and accept bitterness with joy, like a healing herb for the soul’s health, and eat only for their bodily preservation.”