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Charity to All Living Things

“If your neighbor is hungry, give him your food. If  there aren’t any hungry people, give it to hungry animals, because you will derive benefit from fasting for Paradise, whereas the poor animals don’t have Paradise. On the other hand, the good thing for them is that they don’t have Hell either.”

Evil Thoughts

“Experience is required through the fire of demons, which the soldier of Christ comes under during the spiritual battle. Before the enemy begins the battle, it starts the bombardment with thoughts. The Jesus Prayer is the heaviest weapon against the thoughts of the enemy.”


“You must work in order to eat, even if you have money. Work helps a man thaw out the oil of his engine. To work is to create. It gives you joy and takes away your anxiety and boredom.”


Prayer at Night

“Peaceful, night-time prayer is of great assistance with its calmness and is also more efficacious for our spiritual development, just as the silent, night-time rain is of great benefit to growing plants.”

Prayer; Vigil


“The spiritual change that the soul receives from a small act of charity or kindness to its fellowmen, along with the rejoicing of the heart, cannot be given by the greatest cardiologist, even if you offer him a sack full of dollars.”

Mercy;  Charity; Alms