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Gentle Discipline

“They should speak kindly to their child, raise his awareness in order to help him. Let’s say a child comes home late at night; his mother should approach him and say, ‘Look here, my child, if you were in my place and your children stayed out late at night, wouldn’t you be very worried?’”

The Father’s Wisdom

“God knows what will benefit each person and He provides accordingly. He won’t give something which will not be of benefit to the person. For example, He sees that it will benefit us more if He gives us a weakness or a disability than if He protects us from being harmed or disabled.”

Unbaptized Infants

“She wasn’t responsible for the miscarriage, so she must have confidence in the mercy of God. God maintains the records for these children… It would be a serious sin of omission if she didn’t have her child baptized out of neglect and indifference and he died unbaptized. You dealt with the matter rationally. This is the theology.”

Hidden Pride

“External pride is obvious and can easily be cured. External pride in a person can be seen in the clothes he wears, the way he walks and the way he talks; therefore, one can tell him a thing or two, and he can be helped. However, inner pride is rather sly, and for this reason, is difficult to cure.”


The Little Devil

“Hidden pride usually abides in spiritual people. So, although you’ll see them with an external bearing of humility and devotion, they hide a world of pride inside! You see, the little devil clothes himself in rags.”

Pride; Self Deception

A Humble Attitude

“‘What could I have accomplished alone? Without God’s help, I would have done nothing but bosh,’ he says to himself. In other words, he puts everything into proper order because he has spiritual health.”


Supreme Sadness

“After all that God has done for us human beings, it will be a very grave matter if we should go to hell and grieve Him. May God so protect that not one creature, not even a bird, should go to hell.”

Love of God; Hell


“A lot of people today are tormented because they don’t love what they are doing for a living. They can’t wait until it’s time to go. However when one has zeal for work and when one cares about the things he makes, the more he works the more his zeal grows. He is immersed in his work and when it’s time to leave he asks, ‘Where did the time go?'”

Vocation; Peace