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“…there are certain people who do not care if they disturb others; they only care about not being disturbed themselves. Then there are others who do not want to disturb, nor do they want to be disturbed. Still others say, “I am so sensitive; I cannot bear even one word said against me,” but they will not hesitate to say many words against others. What kind of sensitivity is that?”

Sacrifice and Love

“In order to love God, you should start with sacrifice. When a person does not take himself into account and sacrifices himself instead, then things are in order: he loves his neighbor – he loves God. Those who claim to love God but fail to make a single sacrifice for their neighbor have ‘loved Him with their mouths and they lied unto Him with their tongues’.”

True Humility

“…when one thinks of the many blessings of God and sees that he does not respond to them accordingly, he feels guiltier and worse than everyone else; worse than all the animals, even worse than the devil. He thinks to himself, “The devil sinned once with his mind, but I sin every day with both my mind and my senses. Therefore, I am worse than the devil himself.”

Pray Without Ceasing

“By keeping your mind constantly on God, by thinking of God; invoke the Jesus Prayer; speak with God. When a person practices this, he will, at first, sense a little bit of the love of God; later, as he advances, he will feel it all the more.”

Love of Everything

“When one gives his heart to God, he loves everything; he not only loves all people, he also loves the birds, the trees, even the snakes. He reveres with devotion only God and the saints, but also all human beings, images of God. Since he considers all of creation to a blessing from his Creator.”

God’s Providence

“When a person remains pure from mortal sins he must be grateful to the benevolent God Who has protected him since childhood so that the garment of his soul  not been sullied. Take yourself for instance…if Christ had not protected you like a chick beneath His wings ever since you were a little girl, you might have become the greatest sinner in the world.”

Peace Through Tears

“…shed tears of joy and gratitude before Him. Those tears have the same power – perhaps even greater – as tears of repentance, and can raise one to Heaven, where he reaches God and praises Him endlessly, like the Angels. And although he lives on earth, it is as if he is in Heaven. Then, all of one’s life becomes a doxology; he even awaits death with a doxology, because he contemplates that he will be near God…”

A Heart Made for Grace

“In order for the Grace of God to abide in anyone, that person must be guileless and pure. God offers Himself to those who have a purified simplicity. When simplicity and purity along with fervent faith and devotion are prescient, then a person can later experience divine events and come to know the mysteries of God, without having prior knowledge.”

How to Make the Heart Love

“In my opinion, this can happen in three ways: One feels a tremendous gratitude for God’s blessings such that he melts away and glorifies God. Or, one feels the weight of his sins and pleads, in pain, for forgiveness from God. The third way is for one to put himself in the position of another person who is undergoing hardships and feel physically pained for him.”