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A Crusty Heart

“At all times God caresses the hearts of all the people with His love, but we are not aware of it because our hearts have gathered a crust. When man has cleansed his heart, he is deeply moved and madly excited, because he can then see the benefactions, the blessings of God, Who loves all people in the same way. For those who are suffering, God is pained; for those who are living a spiritual life, He rejoices.”

Seeds of Salvation

“Wealth can be very destructive for man when it is not distributed to the poor for the benefit of our soul and for the souls of our departed. Giving alms to people who are suffering, widows, orphans and so on, is also very helpful for the repose of the souls of those who have passed away. For when we give alms on behalf of someone who has died, the recipients will say, ‘May God forgive him; may his relics be sanctified.'”

Giving Freely

“Even is someone who begs from you is not in need, you should still give to him. Be happy in giving to him. God Himself ‘maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust’, so why should we not help our neighbor? Are we worthy of all the gifts granted to us by God? God does not deal with us according to our sins, nor reward us according to our iniquities.”

God’s Love for the Lost

The judgments of God are an inscrutable abyss. One thing I know: those who live a worldly life because they were not helped and went astray, or were forcibly pushed into evil ways when in fact they had a good disposition, such people move God to action and God will help them.”

No Worries

“So don’t worry, God is above everything and everyone, governing all things, and will call on each of us to account for our actions, and we will each receive our just reward. Those who aided others will be rewarded and those who caused harm will be punished. Ultimately, God will order things aright, but each one of us will have to account for what we did during these difficult years, with our prayers and kindnesses.”

Thy Will Be Done

“For every action of his, man must ask himself, “What I am doing pleases me, but does it also please God?” and must examine whether it is pleasing to God. If we forget to do this, then we also forget God. That’s why in the old days they used to say: “For God’s sake!”…Or else people would say: “God willing,” or “If God permits it.” People felt the presence of God everywhere, they kept God constantly before them and they were careful. They actually lived what the Psalm says: ‘I have set the Lord always before me…’”

True Inner Peace

“If we work to correct ourselves and look more intently towards our “inner” activity rather than our external, giving precedence to divine help, we can in turn be of greater and more positive help to others. We will also achieve an inner serenity that will quietly help the souls of the people we encounter, because spiritual serenity reflects the virtue of the soul and transforms souls.”

The Orthodox Way

“Our goal is to live in an Orthodox way, not simply to speak or to write in an Orthodox way. This is why, you see, a sermon does not inform, does not change the life of a person, no matter how good it is, unless the preacher is actually living the faith… It is relatively easy to think in an Orthodox way; to live the Orthodox way of life requires effort.”


Our Only Goal

“One who is heedful and takes the salvation of his soul seriously, struggles, progresses, bears fruit, is nourished spiritually and rejoices angelically.”
(Elder St. Paisios in ‘Spiritual Awakening’)

Salvation; Repentance