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The European Way

“Now, you see, the European way of life is gradually entering our society and many people are well-behaved out of a worldly sense of good manners. Whatever we do we must do purely for Christ, keeping in mind that Christ J sees us and is observing us; Christ must be at the center of our every action. The human element must not get in the way. If we act out of a need to be liked by others, this does not benefit us at all. We need to be very careful.”

Secularism; Modernism

Charity at Home

“Some people again, while giving five hundred, even a thousand drachmas to a poor person, will start bargaining over five or ten drachmas with the poor laborer who works for him. I can’t understand this. You give five hundred or even a thousand drachmas to a stranger, the person you have beside you, who helps you, you allow to go hungry? This is the person you are obligated to love and help first.”

Justice; Neighbor

Trust and Alms

“Is some poor person asking you for help? Even if you doubt his situation, you should still help him discreetly so that you are not tempted by negative thoughts. Do you know what Abba Isaac says? ‘If someone on horseback should stretch out his hand and ask alms of you, do not refuse him, for at that moment he is certainly in need.’  You never know what state he may be in. You should believe what the other person tells you -and give as you are asked.”

Trust; Generosity

False Peace

“Fasting and ascetic struggle are prerequisites for prayer. But for prayer to be proper and effective one must have compassion for others. For it is a rule of many Christians in our time not to want to have any worries. Even retired people who sit around all day don’t want to approach an abandoned child, for this requires work and effort, which will disturb their serenity.”

Compassion;  Sacrifice


“Someone should give as much as will not trouble his conscience. Discernment is important. He should not give one hundred and then be sorry that he did not give fifty. Much attention is needed when someone has love with a lot of enthusiasm. It is then good to be a little conservative with his love and enthusiasm, so that he will not regret having given too much to an unfortunate person, when less could have been given, and thus be left empty- handed himself. Gradually he can acquire experience and give according to the self-renunciation he has.”

Prudence; Generosity

Hidden Motives

“When someone applies himself to external activity before having polished his spiritual inner state, he may struggle spiritually, but he will be fraught with worry, anxiety, lack of confidence in God and frequent loss of serenity. If he does not improve himself, he cannot say that his interest for the common good is pure.”


Total Commitment

“When everything is geared to the spiritual life, do you know how much spiritual benefit can be derived, and what spiritual experience can be achieved?…If one does not approach the spiritual life this way, if one does not see God in everything he does, then he will still be far from God even if you place him in the Church.”

Dedication; Theosis

Parents Seeking the Father

“When parents, the co-creators with God, encounter difficulties, after all their efforts to settle their children, they should humbly seek the help of the Great Creator by stretching their hands toward Heaven. Then God is pleased and the parents are pleased to be helped.”

Prayer; Family

Weak Faith

“God’s help cannot be obstructed by men or demons. Nothing is difficult for God, nor for a  saint. The obstacle for us men is our little faith, by which we prevent the great divine powers from approaching us. ”

Faith; Doubt